Newaygo Community Net Moving Days

Next week, starting November 25, the weekly Newaygo Community Net will be moving from every Thursday at 7:30 PM to every Monday at 7:00 PM. Hope to hear you at our new time!

June Radio Fundamentals class

I am planning to hold another Radio Fundamentals class on June 22. If that date doesn’t work for you, please contact me and let me know.

After our class, for anyone who is interested, we will plan on travelling to Muskegon to join the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Club (MAARC) for their Field Day activities. Field Day is a great chance to see amateur radio in action, as hams will be on the air round the clock. You could even get a chance to get on the air and make some contacts even if you have a Technician license or no license at all (with a control operators’ assistance, of course) Even if that’s not your thing, it’s also a great chance to ask questions of some of the experienced hams there.

More information on the location, time, and other details on the “Field Day field trip” to follow as they become available.

Radio Fundamentals Class in May Canceled

Hello everyone,

The feedback I’ve gotten is that there are just too many scheduling conflicts in May to try and hold a class. So, we’ll cancel it this month.

The next tentative date would be June 15 or one the following Saturdays in June.
A possible idea that occurred to me is that “Field Day” is June 22. Many local amateur radio clubs will be operating around the clock. If we wanted to, we could take a “field trip” to one of the local clubs, like Muskegon, and see what goes on during ham radio’s “open house”.

Let me know what you think

– Wes Bustraan, W8WJB

Radio Fundamentals Scheduled

I am excited to announce that we’ve had enough interest in the “Radio Fundamentals” class that we can now mark it on the calendar!

The class will be held at the Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from 10:30am to noon on the second Saturday of each month, beginning April 13, 2019.

The intended audience is any person, both kids and adults, who

  • wants to pass the amateur radio Technician test
  • or passed their amateur radio Technician test with a lot of memorization and wants to understand the concepts better
  • or just likes radio and wants to understand the basics better

Experienced amateur radio operators are also encouraged to visit and share their expertise.

The Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center is located at 306 S North Street in White Cloud, Michigan (blue roof building directly to the west of the Sheriff’s Office). Please use the East Door directly facing the Sheriff’s Office (or follow the signs).

There is no cost for the class and any activity materials will be provided.

My wife, Kristin (KE8FZM) has graciously volunteered to provide lunch for the class around noon. We intend to keep the calendar on updated with the menu so that you can plan according to your diet and preferences.

For those of you who can not attend the class due to distance or schedule, the plan (assuming the technology cooperates) is to live stream the class on YouTube. As we get closer, I will put the details on the website here.

In order for us to get a head count of the people attending, please fill out the form and register.

Also, feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.

Planning a Class in 2019

I am planning to start a class on Radio Fundamentals beginning in 2019. The intended audience is not only people who would like to get their Technician license, but also those who already have their license but would like to understand more about the things they memorized and have, perhaps, forgotten.

If you are interested, please read the information and fill out the contact form on the Radio Fundamentals – Learn Together Series page.

Wes Bustraan, W8WJB

New EC Appointed

Tim Deater KC8MSE has resigned as the ARRL Emergency Coordinator/RACES Officer  for Newaygo County to pursue other opportunities.  Thank you Tim for your dedicated service to the amateur radio community.

Weston Bustraan W8WJB has accepted the position for Newaygo County.  Please assist him if you can.

– Dave N8UKH, District 6 Emergency Coordinator

New Site

Welcome to the new home for the Newaygo County ARES group. Please note that everything is very new and still somewhat under construction. Please feel free to report any errors to