Radio Fundamentals Scheduled

I am excited to announce that we’ve had enough interest in the “Radio Fundamentals” class that we can now mark it on the calendar!

The class will be held at the Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from 10:30am to noon on the second Saturday of each month, beginning April 13, 2019.

The intended audience is any person, both kids and adults, who

  • wants to pass the amateur radio Technician test
  • or passed their amateur radio Technician test with a lot of memorization and wants to understand the concepts better
  • or just likes radio and wants to understand the basics better

Experienced amateur radio operators are also encouraged to visit and share their expertise.

The Newaygo County Emergency Operations Center is located at 306 S North Street in White Cloud, Michigan (blue roof building directly to the west of the Sheriff’s Office). Please use the East Door directly facing the Sheriff’s Office (or follow the signs).

There is no cost for the class and any activity materials will be provided.

My wife, Kristin (KE8FZM) has graciously volunteered to provide lunch for the class around noon. We intend to keep the calendar on updated with the menu so that you can plan according to your diet and preferences.

For those of you who can not attend the class due to distance or schedule, the plan (assuming the technology cooperates) is to live stream the class on YouTube. As we get closer, I will put the details on the website here.

In order for us to get a head count of the people attending, please fill out the form and register.

Also, feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.