Introduction to Ham Radio, A Presentation

Message from Bill:

We have had the phenomenal opportunity to introduce ham radio to seventeen or more home schooled students in Newaygo County.  The good news is the group is large.  The less good news might be a few of them are a little young for this exposure.  

Anyway, we (meaning the ham radio community, YOU) will present ham radio Thursday evening, seven o’clock at the pavilion near the swimming beach on the north shore of Fremont Lake.  It’s called Fremont Lake Park?  It is near the Lakeside Swirl (if my memory serves me well).  Please help us put a pretty face on ham radio with these folks.  I predict there will be youth and their parents.  Bring your two-meter radio and we’ll “showcase” repeaters and some of the fun in ham radio.

Help us “socially distance” and keep everyone safe.  I encourage all who attend to “mask up” and keep “socially distant.”

The prediction is this assembly of friends will “morph” into a Tech class and a “Morse code” class.  Some of these students want to learn code as well as ham radio.

Would you please help?  We sure could use your help.

Bill, NA8M