Join Newaygo ARES

To become a member of Newaygo ARES, the primary requirement is that you must possess a valid amateur radio license. Even if you do not have a license, you are welcome and encouraged to attend any meetings or training events. While not having a license will preclude you from participating in radio-related activities, there are other ways to help out.

Step 1: Fill Out the ARRL ARES Registration Form (Required)

Please fill out the ARRL ARES Registration Form and email it to

Step 2: Register With ARES Connect (Recommended)

Please visit the ARES Connect website and create a profile there. The website is provided by the ARRL and it is helpful for scheduling events and keeping track of volunteer hours.

Step 3: Register with TexCom (Recommended)

TexCom is the system that we use to notify ARES members by email or text message of important events, like an incident activation.

Please visit the TexCom website and create an account there. You will have received an “organization access code” in the email response from you registration form; please use it here to get connected with the Newaygo ARES group on TexCom.

Step 4: Join Newaygo ARES Facebook Group (Optional)

If you use Facebook, you may request to join the Newaygo County ARES group. Membership is completely optional, but the group will be used as a casual way to discuss topics in the times between meetings and on-air nets.

We understand that not everyone desires to be part of Facebook, so Important notifications, such as activations, (while they may also be copied to Facebook) will go out through TexCom.