Membership Levels

Level 1 – Entry Level

Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES.

Level 2 – Standard

To achieve Level 2, members will be expected to complete the following courses:

Background Check Endorsement

While the ARRL does not require a background check to be a member of ARES, many public safety agencies require it for working with the public or in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). For this reason, Newaygo ARES will offer a special endorsement on your ARES card, signifying that you are eligible for working with these public safety agencies. When activating members of Newaygo ARES, it will be noted in the activation details whether this endorsement is required for participation.

Level 3 – Leadership

This level of training prepares ARES participants to take on leadership positions such as EC, ADEC, DEC, ASEC, and SEC, and other designated positions in the ARES program. Participants are required to complete:

Participants are strongly encouraged to complete the FEMA Leadership Development series of courses

  • IS-120
  • IS-230
  • IS-240
  • IS-241
  • IS-242
  • IS-244
  • IS-288